Safe and Legal CBD Flower for Sale in All 50 States

There is legal CBD flower for sale in all 50 states since the passing of the farm bill in 2018. The bill included a provision to legalize hemp. Although a part of the cannabis family, the hemp flower is not psychoactive. CBD can be extracted out of this plant to include in many hemp products you see on the market today. These products are sold in many forms, such as gummies, topical and ingestible CBD oil, pet treats, edibles, and more.

Legal CBD Flower for Sale vs. THC

There is a common misconception that cannabis and CBD flower are the same. There is a major difference, though. The composition of the plant opens up the use of hemp flower, a/k/a hemp buds, to a larger audience. Legal CBD flower for sale is not the same as Cannabis. The Cannabis plant contains large levels of THC which is the cause of the psychoactive effects (the “high)Hemp flower, however, must legally contain less than a 0.3% level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In fact, the plants grown by Carolinabis contain 0% THC, which means there is no chance of unwanted side effects

Buying Hemp Flower

When buying hemp flower or hemp buds for smoking there are several things to consider. All hemp plants are not the same. You will want to make sure you are purchasing your buds from a trusted source. Plants must be lab tested and the farm must comply with the high standards set by the state in order to make products that are safe and healthy.

Carolinabis Company takes growing seriously. We grow all hemp hydroponically, in an indoor, controlled environment. Because we grow our flower buds indoors, we do not use pesticides. Hydroponic farming uses closed systems and recycles the water not used by the plants. Our plants are grown in porous clay stones. After each harvest these clay stones are destroyed. We always plant in new stones to eliminate any mold or bacterial contamination to ensure the safest hemp products.

Hemp Flower Strains

There are many hemp strains and each has its unique characteristics. Typically, when you buy hemp you are looking for a higher level of CBD, which has shown benefits in many studies related to pain relief, anxiety. depression, sleep aid, and many more areas. Smoking the hemp flower is a popular way to curb or completely stop smoking nicotine cigarettes.

Look through our online store to discover the options available…from pre-rolls to edibles…Carolinabis has the reliable products you need. Our focus is on providing CBD options that will lead to a healthier and happier quality of life.

Our strains include:

Hawaiian Haze

CBDA = 21.43% CBD = 19.09% THC = 0%

With notes of tropical flowers, citrus and a bit of sour, it’s the uplifting yet relaxing smoke you need for today’s stressful life. This sticky flower is a great daytime smoke as it is Zen-like yet does not make you sluggish. The buds are typically large in size and medium density. The terpene profile of beta-caryophyllene and humulene give it the tropical aromas of your much-needed island vacation. Growing these beauties indoors hydroponically gives them the perfect environment to show their stuff.

Suver Haze

CBDA = 17.18% CBD = 15.29%THC = 0%

One of the super hemp strains, Suver Haze is a great daytime or night-time smoke. Body relaxation, but with a clear-thinking head. The sour green apple and tropical fruity aroma and flavor are lovely. The buds are dense and typically larger than other hemp strains. The terpene profile of Farsene and Beta caryophyllene make for an aromatic and very smooth smoking experience.


SH50 and ERB CBDA = 18.91% CBD = 16.92% THC = 0%

This frosty, trichome covered hemp flower is the “Lifter” you may need to achieve a better sense of well-being. These dense buds are sweet-smelling with a hint of fuel for the aroma connoisseur. The aroma might take you back to younger years and stress-free times. The flavor is also reminiscent with sweet funky and diesel notes. The perfect indoor hydroponic environment makes them grow very large and dense. Slow drying and curing add to the full spectrum of enjoyment for this flower.

In the hemp industry there are many choices to buy CBD flower and buds. Remember, if you are looking for premium quality, indoor, hydroponically-grown product is your first choice.