Hemp Flower for Sale – Choose a Top-Quality Source

When searching for hemp flower for sale you want to be sure that you are purchasing only top-quality products. With the trend toward using the hemp flower to treat many symptoms, there are many sellers that are not reputable. One must research the source of the product, the growing conditions, whether the seller submits to state testing laws and more. The hemp industry is growing quickly and hemp buds and other by-products of the hemp plant are becoming popular with the general population. That makes it even more important to purchase from a grower who complies with all regulations and farms responsibly.

What are the Uses for the Hemp Flower?

Hemp flowers are used by many to treat anxiety, chronic pain and for help with stopping smoking – but the source is critical. There are hemp laws with which growers must comply. When growing hemp, it is important to have crops lab-tested to ensure quality and reliability. The hemp flower for sale must contain no more than 0.3% THC – which must be determined by having the crop tested in a lab. The hemp plant has a different chemical content than the other variety of the cannabis family, marijuana. Marijuana contains a higher amount of THC and is psychoactive. The hemp plant provides a flower that offers CBD benefits without the effects of THC.

At Carolinabis We Offer A Variety of Strains – All Top-Quality

If you choose to smoke a product of the hemp plant, you need to ensure that you have a quality product from a responsible grower. At Carolinabis, all of our products are:

  • Lab-tested
  • Contain 0% THC – therefore you receive only the benefits of CBD
  • Grown indoors – hydroponically, with no pesticides
  • Hand-trimmed to remove leaves that can make the flower taste bitter
  • Safe – because our plants are grown in porous clay stones that are destroyed after each harvest

Information for First-time Buyers of Hemp Flowers

We offer the hemp flower in several forms, so that you may choose the one with which you are most comfortable. Since our 3 strains have ZERO percent THC content, you have no worries about any psychoactive effects.

You may choose Kief (resinous trichomes of all 3 strains – with a higher CBD content). This higher CBD content provides higher percentages of anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit the body and help relieve stress.

Our pre-rolls offer an easy way to derive the benefits while enjoying the flavor and aroma of the flower. Since they look and feel like a cigarette, many use this method to help curb or stop smoking nicotine cigarettes.

The flower of each strain is available to use for smoking and the links below will explain the characteristics of each.

Edibles are another choice and we offer sugar cookies for those who prefer this option. By ingesting the CBD there is naturally a prolonged benefit, since the food must pass through the digestive system.

Choose Your Favorite Hemp Flower for Sale at Carolinabis

It is always preferable to purchase your hemp flowers directly from the growers. This provides peace of mind because you can check the background, growing conditions and attention to quality of the grower. We are proud that we use organic techniques when growing hemp to ensure purity and safety.

We offer three strains of hemp flowers – each with their own character.

Choose from Suver HazeHawaiian Haze or Lifter.