Hemp flower and CBD have come into the mainstream as a new, preferred treatment for many illnesses both temporary and chronic. To better understand this new treatment, we have to understand that it’s really not new.

Growing hemp and harvesting the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes started over 8,000 years ago. Archeologists have found references to cannabis being used as a healer and a helper on the walls of Pharaohs’ tombs.

Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp products all come from plants in the cannabis family. The hemp flower is the source of all the hemp products with which you may be familiar.

The differences rely upon the psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis flower and their levels of THC. Cannabinoids make the science happen. Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC is the chemical in the flower buds that produces the psychoactive effects of getting “high.” The THC content within a hemp flower directly determines if that crop of plants is federally legal. Different states have different laws defining what is the legal THC content allowed in hemp plant cultivation.

In North Carolina, where we’re based, hemp farmers must produce a hemp crop with levels of THC below 0.03%. Perhaps you’ll be pleased to know that with THC levels that low, it is biologically impossible for someone to experience any psychoactive effects. Hemp growers are regularly audited by the government to ensure this very small percentage is maintained. At Carolinabis, we are proud that our hemp flowers contain 0% THC. Therefore, they cannot produce any unwanted side effects. We grow all our crops with a focus on purity, safety, and the ultimate health benefits.

The Difference Between the Hemp Flower and CBD Oils -Smoking Hemp vs. Topical Use

As we continue to study the uses for the cannabis plant, we are learning it may have a still-undetermined number of benefits. Research suggests that the hemp flower, more specifically the cannabinoid CBD found in the hemp plant offers many benefits. The hemp flower reduces inflammation, assists with pain relief, and helps reduce anxiety and depression. And all this happens without the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC.

The hemp flower is pure hemp. You know what you’re getting, and you know the potency. Topicals like oils and salves are good for those who don’t want to “light up” in public, or are concerned about smoking in general. Although, there are advantages to smoking hemp that might sway your decision.

As mentioned previously, the hemp flower is pure hemp. That means you aren’t getting hemp infused in a different chemical “container.” Smoking hemp introduces CBD into your body faster than any other method. When procuring hemp buds from legitimate hemp growers, the potency is controlled and regulated. That means that you know absolutely how much you’re getting and how long it will last.

With topicals, the hemp flower is used to infuse another medium for consumption. This “container” material is an unknown. That means that you can’t be sure how diluted your hemp products are. Moreover, you won’t know if there will be side effects. They could result from other chemicals used to create a topical that will stay fresh and maintain its consistency.

Safety and Purity are Critical

Another potential concern with topicals is that you can’t know exactly where the original hemp flower came from. Commercial cultivation of hemp flower is aggressively regulated in the United States, but not necessarily in other countries. Some producers of products like CBD oils import their hemp flower to keep production costs lower. This is a scary notion. With concerns surrounding cultivation methods in China and other countries, wouldn’t you want to know what other chemicals you’re introducing into your body?

Why Carolinabis as a Resource?

Hemp flower keeps your dosage controllable and confirms that you’re getting a pure hemp. U.S. hemp farmers must comply with regular audits. That ensures the products contain THC levels that adhere to state and federal regulations. You always can feel good about what you’re buying from Carolinabis, since you are buying directly from the farmers. Our family-owned farm produces only top-quality hemp products. We grow our plants indoors, hydroponically using organic techniques. Since we do not use any pesticides or any other chemicals, we can guarantee purity and safety.

We offer a full line of products, including a choice of flower strains, pre-rolls, kief, and edible options. Go to our online store to discover the items that we ship to all 50 states.

Remember that our focus is on providing safe, reliable products to improve the quality of life for our clients. Our goal is to make you feel better!