When searching for hemp flower for sale you want to be sure that you are purchasing only top-quality products. With the trend toward using the hemp flower to treat many symptoms, there are many sellers that are not reputable. One must research the source of the product, the growing conditions, whether the seller submits to state testing laws and more. The hemp industry is growing quickly and hemp buds and other by-products of the hemp plant are becoming popular with the general population. That makes it even more important to purchase from a grower who complies with all regulations and farms responsibly.

What are the Uses for the Hemp Flower?

Hemp flowers are used by many to treat anxiety, chronic pain and for help with stopping smoking – but the source is critical. There are hemp laws with which growers must comply. When growing hemp, it is important to have crops lab-tested to ensure quality and reliability. The hemp flower for sale must contain no more than 0.3% THC – which must be determined by having the crop tested in a lab. The hemp plant has a different chemical content than the other variety of the cannabis family, marijuana. Marijuana contains a higher amount of THC and is psychoactive. The hemp plant provides a flower that offers CBD benefits without the effects of THC.

At Carolinabis We Offer A Variety of Strains – All Top-Quality

If you choose to smoke a product of the hemp plant, you need to ensure that you have a quality product from a responsible grower. At Carolinabis, all of our products are:

  • Lab-tested
  • Contain 0% THC – therefore you receive only the benefits of CBD
  • Grown indoors – hydroponically, with no pesticides
  • Hand-trimmed to remove leaves that can make the flower taste bitter
  • Safe – because our plants are grown in porous clay stones that are destroyed after each harvest

Information for First-time Buyers of Hemp Flowers

We offer the hemp flower in several forms, so that you may choose the one with which you are most comfortable. Since our 3 strains have ZERO percent THC content, you have no worries about any psychoactive effects.

You may choose Kief (resinous trichomes of all 3 strains – with a higher CBD content). This higher CBD content provides higher percentages of anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit the body and help relieve stress.

Our pre-rolls offer an easy way to derive the benefits while enjoying the flavor and aroma of the flower. Since they look and feel like a cigarette, many use this method to help curb or stop smoking nicotine cigarettes.

The flower of each strain is available to use for smoking and the links below will explain the characteristics of each.

Edibles are another choice and we offer sugar cookies for those who prefer this option. By ingesting the CBD there is naturally a prolonged benefit, since the food must pass through the digestive system.

Choose Your Favorite Hemp Flower for Sale at Carolinabis

It is always preferable to purchase your hemp flowers directly from the growers. This provides peace of mind because you can check the background, growing conditions and attention to quality of the grower. We are proud that we use organic techniques when growing hemp to ensure purity and safety.

We offer three strains of hemp flowers – each with their own character.

Choose from Suver HazeHawaiian Haze or Lifter.

Hemp flower and CBD have come into the mainstream as a new, preferred treatment for many illnesses both temporary and chronic. To better understand this new treatment, we have to understand that it’s really not new.

Growing hemp and harvesting the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes started over 8,000 years ago. Archeologists have found references to cannabis being used as a healer and a helper on the walls of Pharaohs’ tombs.

Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp products all come from plants in the cannabis family. The hemp flower is the source of all the hemp products with which you may be familiar.

The differences rely upon the psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis flower and their levels of THC. Cannabinoids make the science happen. Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC is the chemical in the flower buds that produces the psychoactive effects of getting “high.” The THC content within a hemp flower directly determines if that crop of plants is federally legal. Different states have different laws defining what is the legal THC content allowed in hemp plant cultivation.

In North Carolina, where we’re based, hemp farmers must produce a hemp crop with levels of THC below 0.03%. Perhaps you’ll be pleased to know that with THC levels that low, it is biologically impossible for someone to experience any psychoactive effects. Hemp growers are regularly audited by the government to ensure this very small percentage is maintained. At Carolinabis, we are proud that our hemp flowers contain 0% THC. Therefore, they cannot produce any unwanted side effects. We grow all our crops with a focus on purity, safety, and the ultimate health benefits.

The Difference Between the Hemp Flower and CBD Oils -Smoking Hemp vs. Topical Use

As we continue to study the uses for the cannabis plant, we are learning it may have a still-undetermined number of benefits. Research suggests that the hemp flower, more specifically the cannabinoid CBD found in the hemp plant offers many benefits. The hemp flower reduces inflammation, assists with pain relief, and helps reduce anxiety and depression. And all this happens without the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC.

The hemp flower is pure hemp. You know what you’re getting, and you know the potency. Topicals like oils and salves are good for those who don’t want to “light up” in public, or are concerned about smoking in general. Although, there are advantages to smoking hemp that might sway your decision.

As mentioned previously, the hemp flower is pure hemp. That means you aren’t getting hemp infused in a different chemical “container.” Smoking hemp introduces CBD into your body faster than any other method. When procuring hemp buds from legitimate hemp growers, the potency is controlled and regulated. That means that you know absolutely how much you’re getting and how long it will last.

With topicals, the hemp flower is used to infuse another medium for consumption. This “container” material is an unknown. That means that you can’t be sure how diluted your hemp products are. Moreover, you won’t know if there will be side effects. They could result from other chemicals used to create a topical that will stay fresh and maintain its consistency.

Safety and Purity are Critical

Another potential concern with topicals is that you can’t know exactly where the original hemp flower came from. Commercial cultivation of hemp flower is aggressively regulated in the United States, but not necessarily in other countries. Some producers of products like CBD oils import their hemp flower to keep production costs lower. This is a scary notion. With concerns surrounding cultivation methods in China and other countries, wouldn’t you want to know what other chemicals you’re introducing into your body?

Why Carolinabis as a Resource?

Hemp flower keeps your dosage controllable and confirms that you’re getting a pure hemp. U.S. hemp farmers must comply with regular audits. That ensures the products contain THC levels that adhere to state and federal regulations. You always can feel good about what you’re buying from Carolinabis, since you are buying directly from the farmers. Our family-owned farm produces only top-quality hemp products. We grow our plants indoors, hydroponically using organic techniques. Since we do not use any pesticides or any other chemicals, we can guarantee purity and safety.

We offer a full line of products, including a choice of flower strains, pre-rolls, kief, and edible options. Go to our online store to discover the items that we ship to all 50 states.

Remember that our focus is on providing safe, reliable products to improve the quality of life for our clients. Our goal is to make you feel better!

Brick and mortar stores, online shops, and products containing hemp seem to be exploding everywhere. With the legalization of hemp in 2018, a new industry has seemingly sprung up overnight. Moreover, claims of relief from anxiety, depression, pain, seizures, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases are abundant.  And while the most common CBD product is in oil form, flowers are gaining in popularity. Which begs the question, can you smoke hemp and get the same benefits as ingesting it? Yes, and smoking hemp gets CBD into your bloodstream faster than other methods. When searching for pure, quality hemp products, choose Carolinabis.

At Carolinabis, we want to make sure you buy the purest, cleanest hemp products available. That’s why we grow our hemp indoors, hydroponically without the use of pesticides. Plus, we grow our cannabis plants in porous lava rocks to prevent contamination from mold spores and bacteria. Then, after harvesting, we hand trim each bud to remove hemp leaves that may lead to a harsher taste. Finally, we slowly dry the hemp buds to maintain optimum potency. The result is safe, quality products to help you feel better.

Is Hemp Legal?

Prior to the 1930s, hemp was legal and widely used. But because it belongs to the same cannabis plant family and looks like marijuana, lawmakers banned its use. It wasn’t until the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of controlled substances that hemp became legal again. This new legalization along with claims of its benefits has fueled the market.

Although both hemp and marijuana belong to the same cannabis plant family, they are not the same. Marijuana contains a high concentration of THC, the cannabinoid that causes psychoactivity. Whereas hemp by law must contain less than 0.3% of THC. Rich in another cannabinoid, cannabidiol (or CBD), hemp delivers all the benefits without the high. At Carolinabis, our hemp products contain 0% THC, so you can be sure that you will have no side effects.

Why Should You Smoke Hemp?

It may surprise you that it’s not hemp leaves that you generally smoke. Although you can use hemp leaves for tea, it’s the bud or flower from the plant that’s smoked. Rich in cannabidiol, terpenes, and flavonoids, hemp flowers are available in many different strains. Each strain provides a unique and distinct flavor along with varying amounts of CBD.

One of the greatest benefits of smoking hemp is that it’s a fast way to introduce CBD into your system. After smoking hemp, you’ll experience an increase in relaxation and stress and anxieties disappear. Additionally, you may also find that you experience a reduction in pain. Plus, you can pair hemp with another dry herb to enhance the effect. Choose the highest-grade herb available and make sure it’s safe to inhale. Lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and white sage are all good choices.

The Many Benefits of the Cannabis Plant

While the FDA has not issued any formal statements on the health benefits of hemp, studies have indicated its effectiveness. Consumers currently take CBD to treat fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and depression. The effective ingredient in hemp, CBD, works in conjunction with cannabinoids made by your body.

Notably, there are many different strains of hemp flowers each with their own characteristics.  And the percentage of CBD is different for each strain. Therefore, the benefits will vary somewhat. Some flower buds are better at calming nerves, while others provide clarity of mind and alertness. Be sure to check the specification of the strain before buying. On our website, we describe the characteristics of each strain that we offer.

Can You Smoke Hemp Is a Common Question

With all the confusion surrounding hemp and its resemblance to marijuana, you may ask, can you smoke hemp legally? The answer is yes. And it’s one of the best ways to get CBD into your body to ease your symptoms. Smoking hemp allows the body to absorb CBD quickly so that the consumer feels the effects faster. When searching for a reliable company to provide high-quality hemp products, choose Carolinabis.

Striving to provide you with the safest, purest hemp products, we want to be your trusted resource. Visit our online store to purchase one of our great products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, flowers, kief, or pre-rolled cigarettes, we can ship to your home. We ship to all 50 states.

indoor hemp yieldHemp is among the oldest cultivated crops on the planet. In Colonial America, farmers were growing hemp for paper, lamp fuels, and ropes. Then in 1937, the US Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act. This Act heavily taxed all cannabis sales, including hemp, making it less economically viable to produce, import, and export. It wasn’t until 2018 that Congress removed hemp along with its seeds and derivatives from the Controlled Substances Act. Once Congress removed the restrictions, farmers acted to produce hemp crops. With the explosion of the popularity of CBD products, farmers have struggled to keep up with the demand. Cultivators sought new ways to increase indoor hemp yield to increase the production of CBD.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

When most of us think of growing a crop, we tend to think of a farm. And traditionally, farmers have grown hemp outdoors. However, with modern technology, many plants, including hemp, grow well indoors. When comparing indoor and outdoor cultivation, realize there are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Pros and Cons of Both Indoor and Outdoor Horticulture

Indeed, the outdoor cultivation of hemp is the most economical option. Plus, without the constraints of building size, cultivators can grow more hemp at one time outdoors. On the downside, bugs, rodents, and even birds can attack hemp. Outdoor farming invites the use of pesticides, which will show up in your final product. And depending on the extraction and refinement process, pesticides become concentrated at high levels rendering it unsuitable for human consumption.

Additionally, the soil quality, temperature, and rain can impact both the crop yield and the production of CBD. Moreover, hemp plants absorb any heavy metals and toxins present in the soil. These contaminants can be present in extracted CBD, counteracting any significant benefits expected from the product. Finally, there is only one growing season for outside cultivation, leaving you with only one harvest.

While indoor cultivation may be more expensive, it can lead to higher hemp yield due to controlled conditions. Cultivators can control lighting, temperature, and humidity, leading to harvesting more of the product. Also, farmers can grow hemp year-round because indoor growing conditions are constant.

One way to Increase Indoor Hemp Yield

When growing hemp indoors, cultivators can use light deprivation to increase yield. Generally, cultivators bombard hemp with light during its vegetative growth. Controlling light causes them to grow at very rapid rates, as much as 2 inches per day. Furthermore, depriving the plant of light will cause it to flower early. The flowers of the hemp plant are rich in CBD. Therefore, controlling the light during the growing season is an effective way to increase the production of CBD to meet growing demand.

And Just What are CBD Products?

There is much misinformation about CBD products. Hemp belongs to the same plant species, Cannabis Sativa, as marijuana. This family of plants has naturally-occurring compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol or CBD is the compound manufacturers extract from the hemp plant. It produces no psychoactivity, unlike the cannabinoid, THC, found in high percentages in marijuana.

There has been an explosion of popularity of CBD products recently. As consumers discover the benefits of CBD, the demand will only get higher. The goal for many growers is to focus on increasing the indoor hemp yield each season. Many farmers have moved from growing other crops to growing hemp.