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Legal CBD Flower for Sale

Safe and Legal CBD Flower for Sale in All 50 States

There is legal CBD flower for sale in all 50 states since the passing of the farm bill in 2018. The bill included a provision to legalize hemp. Although a part of the cannabis family, the hemp flower is not psychoactive. CBD can be extracted out of this plant to include in... Read More >
Hemp Flower for Sale

Hemp Flower for Sale – Choose a Top-Quality Source

When searching for hemp flower for sale you want to be sure that you are purchasing only top-quality products. With the trend toward using the hemp flower to treat many symptoms, there are many sellers that are not reputable. One must research the source of... Read More >
Hemp Flower

What is the Truth About the Hemp Flower, THC and Medical Marijuana?

Hemp flower and CBD have come into the mainstream as a new, preferred treatment for many illnesses both temporary and chronic. To better understand this new treatment, we have to understand that it’s really not new. Growing hemp and harvesting the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes started... Read More >
CBD Flower

The CBD Flower – How Does It Compare to CBD Oil?

Since the legalization of hemp in 2018, the market has exploded with different products made from this plant. A member of the cannabis plant family, hemp is high in cannabidiol or CBD. Unlike marijuana, it has negligible to zero levels of THC. While the popular... Read More >

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Life on the farm

We saw the untapped benefits available through hemp and CBD products. It was an easy decision to find a way to make hemp available to a growing number of people struggling to “feel better” but not knowing where to start. We read about the important medicinal role cannabis played in civilizations over 8000 years ago, before we packaged and synthesized the chemistry produced naturally in the human brain. We farm, harvest and distribute all of our own hemp products. We grow all of our product indoors, hydroponically, without the use of pesticides, in a completely clean and controlled environment, while using organic growing practices.

Who Is Carolinabis?
The girl is holding a lit cigarette and smiling at you.
Carolinabis Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze®

With notes of tropical flowers, citrus and a bit of sour, its the uplifting yet relaxing smoke you need for today’s stressful life.

Carolinabis Lifter


As the name suggests, this frosty, trichome covered hemp flower is the “lifter” you may need to achieve a better sense of well-being.

White CBG Homepage

White CBG®

The Mother of All Cannabinoids is CBG!! The benefits of this flower are immense and we are happy to be able to grow such a beneficial plant!

Grown Indoors Hydroponically

Indoor Hydroponics means a cleaner, safer harvest with a stronger yield. Because we grow indoors in a controlled environment, temperature and lighting is regulated and scheduled to improve plant production. Hydroponic systems are closed and recycle water not used by plants.

Even soil not treated with pesticides and other dangerous chemicals can have microbials and fungus that will affect the quality of the harvest. These microbes can affect your health. We have a completely clean, indoor environment free from pesticides where all of our plants are grown in porous clay stones. After each harvest these stones are destroyed and new stone is used. We do this to ensure the safest hemp product for you.

Flower plantation
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